Vip Hair Colour Shampoo Price In Pakistan

Best Price: Rs. 2200 REGULAR PRICE: Rs. 3500
Brand: Vip Hair Colour Shampoo in Pakistan
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Vip Hair Colour Shampoo in Pakistan 

Unique Brand Vip Hair Color Shampoo Features: 

Logo: vip 

Shading: black 

 Type: semi-everlasting 

 Degree: 180ml  

 Directed group: unisex 

Vip hair shade shampoo three out of one product that may be utilized as hair coloration, cleaner, and conditioner. no requirement for gloves, brushes or bowls. because it has no stains, can use with the hand itself. excellent fragrance and no tears. save pakistan. vip hair shade shampoo in pakistan a non-trickle recipe implanted with pearl separate gives you the extravagance of a characteristic searching shading with a fantastic sparkle in simplest 15 mins. the item has a cute fragrance and is without tears. it's far a herbal object that does not comprise smelling salts. this modern object offers an trouble unfastened application revel in, on no account like ordinary hair colorations. consequently arrives in an appealing 2-in-1 holder that makes the blend association agreeable for you. you may apply it successfully with exposed arms. Due to the fact you needn't hassle with gloves and you will be astounded to see your fingers. your face and your scalp and not using a negligible indication of hair shading vip hair shampoo in pakistan. vip three of each 1 hair coloration shampoo is the grand outcome of sixteen years of broad research and examination finished by using our trichology experts.

Hair Colour Shampoo available:

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Most effective method to Use: 

moist your fingers altogether. it'd be perfect if you guarantee your hair is absolutely dry with out oil and residue. consequently are two wonderful styles of shampoos present inside the holder. but the required degree of shampoos presents inside the holder. take the specified quantity of cleanser by using squeezing the spout over the moist hands and mix them nicely. practice the combo always and rub altogether. wash your hands internal a little way from the season of touch utilizing purifier or hand wash. due to hang tight for 15 mins. because at that factor flush with exceptional water.

Advantages of Vip Shampoo :

Anyone wishes to look younger, anyway, the dim strands developing at the forties gives them a matured look. 

The traditional technique for coloring your hair is each lumbering and tedious. 

We care hair coloration shampoo is a unique pastime helping you to shade your hair dark inner five-7 mins by way of truely shampooing your hair. 

So now hair coloring is straightforward and simple. five-however makes the object perfect for widespread use; likewise, it's far totally unfastened from smelling salts.

Vip Hair Colour Shampoo Price is Rs 2200/- PKR


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